The Crave is Coming!
~ Steely thy nerves and thy liver ~

Mission Statement...
To hold a steady course over the heaving ocean of awesome that The Crave has created for folk Blues dancers in Europe. To build an arena where a buffet^ of knowledge of the dance,music and culture of the Blues can be laid out before the masses.

We aim to let you misbehave.

Hot Off The Press!
* More houseparty vibe as we return to The Outhouse!
* Four class levels including our first 'Invitational Track'!
* Camp Crave returns in the week prior!
* Andrew Miller Dance Photography's 4th year at The Crave!

Teaching Team 2013...
* Barry Douglas
Brenda Russell
* Jenny Sowden
* -Topher Howard
* Catherine Palmier
Chris Härm

What can a Craver expect in 2012?
* A truly inspiring teaching team.
* A distinctly Dublin flavoured event.
* Live music and all-night parties.
* Midnight munchies to keep you groovin'.

Prince/Princess Charming Discount...
* Find a buddy of the opposite lead/follow gender & same level as you.
* Register and Pay.
* Get a 10% discount on your passes.
* Keep the lead/follow ratio as even as possible, thanks!

* Offer expires the 30th of December.

^ Not one of the €6.50 buffets! We are talking about wearing a tux and getting your hair did kinda buffet.

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